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Breakfast Menu

Gluten Free Options Offered for an Additional Charge

Something Light

Avocado Toast$5.95


Sliced avocado, lemon-garlic aioli, salt, pepper, cilantro & crushed red pepper, multigrain toast

Santorini Egg Bruschetta$6.95


Charred roasted tomatoes, eggs over easy, crumbled feta, fresh basil, blood orange balsamic, baguette




Steak & Eggs $13.95

8oz. filet served with eggs, and your choice of home fries or grits, toast

Crab Hash & Eggs$12.95


Lump crabmeat, old bay seasoned home fries with sautéed onions, served with two eggs, topped with chipotle hollandaise and green onions, toast

The Chicken & The Waffle$11.95

Buttermilk fried chicken breast, crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar

Shrimp & Cheesy Grits$12.95

Buttery garlic shrimp, cheesy grits, topped with bacon and green onions

Gianna’s This & That$8.95

Short stack of sweet cream pancakes, 2 eggs any style, home fries or grits, and your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage.

With turkey bacon, corned beef hash, or Canadian bacon +$.30

The Original $7.95

2 eggs, home fries or grits, and your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage

With turkey bacon, corned beef hash, or Canadian bacon +$.30

Creamed Chipped Beef$7.50

Served on toast with home fries

(Add two eggs + $1.95)

The Scrambler $6.95


Eggs, home fries, green peppers, & onions mixed all together, topped with shredded cheddar, toast

3 Egg Omelets

Served with home fries or grits

Cheese: American, Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss, or Pepper Jack, Goat cheese / Feta cheese +$1.00

Egg Whites + $1.00

Extra Cheese + $.50

Greek Omelet$8.95


Feta, sundried tomatoes, spinach

Add gyro meat + $1.00

3 Little Pigs$9.95

Bacon, ham, sausage, and cheese

Steve’s Protein Power Omelet $8.95

Egg whites, turkey bacon, spinach and cheese

Loaded Veggie Omelet$8.95


Green peppers, onions, spinach, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, & mushrooms

Add cheese + $.75 / add goat cheese or feta + $1.00

Western Omelet $8.95

Chopped ham, green peppers, onions, American cheese

Alpine Swiss Omelet$7.95


Mushroom and Swiss cheese


Served with home fries or grits

The Shortie $12.95

Poached eggs, braised short rib, chipotle Hollandaise sauce

California Benedict $10.95


Poached eggs, tomato, avocado, Hollandaise sauce

Classic Benny $9.95

Poached eggs, Canadian bacon, Hollandaise sauce

Sweet & Savory

Holy Cannoli$8.95


Thick sliced French toast stuffed with cannoli cream, and topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and chocolate chips

Gluten Free Option + $1.50

Red Velvet Pancakes$7.95


Cocoa pancakes topped with sweet vanilla cream cheese glaze and whipped cream

Salted Caramel Banana Cream Pancakes $8.95


Sweet cream banana pancakes topped with salted caramel cream and whipped cream

Gluten Free Option + $1.00

Full Frenchie $7.95


Dipped in a cinnamon egg batter, topped with fresh cut berries and powdered sugar

Add Nutella and sliced bananas + $2.00

Gluten Free Option + $1.50

Sweet Cream Pancakes$6.50


Topped with butter and served with syrup

Gluten Free Option + $1.00

Breakfast Sandwiches & Wraps

The New Yorker$7.95

Pastrami, fried over easy egg, Swiss cheese, hot pepper jelly, brioche bun

Sun Valley Wrap$6.95


Egg whites, roasted red peppers, avocado, spinach, provolone cheese, sundried tomato wrap

Smoked Salmon$7.95


Smoked sliced salmon, sliced avocado, arugula, red onion, bagel

BLTE $6.50

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, cheese, pesto mayo, English muffin

Breakfast Sandwich $5.95

Your choice of ham, bacon, eggs, and cheese served on your choice of white, wheat or seeded rye

With turkey bacon, or Canadian bacon +$.30

On bagel or English muffin + $1.00

À la Carte

Assorted Bagels

Plain $1.95 | With cream cheese $2.50

English Muffin$1.95

Assorted Muffins$2.25


White, multigrain, or seeded rye

Gluten-Free Toast$2.75

Home Fries

Plain $1.95 | With onions $2.50


Plain $2.95 | With Cheese $3.50

1 egg $1.25

2 eggs$1.95

Cup of Creamed Chipped Beef$2.95

1 Pancake OR 1 Slice French Toast$2.75

Ham, Bacon, Sausage$2.95

Corned Beef Hash, Turkey Bacon, Canadian Bacon$3.25


Hot Tea$2.25

Hot chocolate$2.75

Fountain drinks$2.25


Orange, apple, cranberry, pineapple

Bistro Buddies

Fruity Pebbles French Toast $4.95

Egg Breakfast Combo $4.25

One egg served with ham, bacon, or sausage & toast

1 Chocolate Chip Pancake$2.95

Egg & Cheese Sandwich$3.25

Lunch Menu

Gluten -Free bread, wrap, and ciabatta roll offered for an additional charge as a substitution for all sandwiches, burgers, and wraps.


Served on brioche bun with chips

Pappou’s Authentic Greek Gyro$8.50

A combination of lamb and beef shaved, tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, onions, stuffed with French fries, warm pita

Add Feta + $1.00

Substitute Grilled Chicken (no extra charge)

Short Rib Grilled Cheese $10.95

Braised short rib, BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, arugula

Tenderloin Sandwich$11.95

8 oz. angus filet, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, mayo, brioche bun

Salmon BLT $11.95


Grilled salmon filet, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sliced avocado, arugula, lemon-dill aioli, provolone cheese, white toast

Bistro Cheesy Shrimp Cake$11.95

Gluten Free

Wild caught gulf shrimp, shredded mozzarella and parsley, topped with arugula and lemon aioli on a brioche bun

The Reuben $8.95

Pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, seeded rye toast

Chicken Deluxe$8.95

Grilled marinated chicken, spinach, caramelized onions, bacon, BBQ sauce, and whole wheat toast


Stella’s Grilled Romaine Chicken Caesar $9.95

Grilled Romaine, blackened chicken, garlic herb croutons, shaved parmesan, Caesar dressing

Add shrimp + $2.00

Yiayia’s Greek Salad$10.95

Grilled marinated chicken, mixed greens, feta cheese, kalamata olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, vinaigrette dressing, served with warm pita

Add shrimp or gyro meat + $2.00

Ahi Tuna $11.95


Seared ahi tuna, mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, crispy noodles, cucumber wasabi dressing

Pittsburgh Steak Salad$10.95

Marinated filet, mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion, shredded cheddar, French fries, chipotle ranch dressing

Mykonos Salad $11.95

Marinated grilled chicken, arugula, goat cheese, fried chickpeas, shaved almonds, red beets, tomatoes, vinaigrette dressing

Smoked BBQ Salmon$11.95

Grilled salmon glazed with BBQ sauce, mixed greens, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, red onion, ranch dressing

Buffalo Chicken$9.95

Marinated grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion, shredded cheddar cheese, blue cheese dressing

Personal Flat Bread

Gluten Free

Garlic herb, 10-Inch cauliflower crust

Garden Harvest$9.95

Gluten Free - Vegetarian

Tomatoes, onions, peppers, arugula, feta crumbles, pesto

Portobello $9.95

Gluten Free - Vegetarian

Goat cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms, arugula, blood orange balsamic glaze

BBQ Chicken$9.95

Gluten Free

Marinated grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, onions, cilantro


8oz. Angus chuck burger served with French fries (regular, waffle, or sweet potato)

Substitute a turkey or veggie burger at no additional cost

Maximus Burger$10.95

BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, grilled onions, mayo

Jacquie’s Inferno $11.95

Cream cheese, jalapeno peppers, Applewood smoked bacon, pepper Jack cheese, chipotle mayo

The Mad Greek$10.95

Provolone, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, spinach

Big Blue Wrecking Crew $10.95

Crumbled blue cheese, onion straws, lettuce, tomato, secret sauce

Keystone Burger$10.95

Fried egg, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato, mayo

Mushroom Swiss Burger$10.95

Mushrooms, Swiss cheese, arugula, garlic aioli


Your choice spinach, tomato, plain, or gluten-free (+$1.50)

Served with chips

Ahi Tuna Wrap $9.95


Seared tuna, mixed greens, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and wasabi mayo

Chicken Wrap $7.95

Your choice of ranch, BBQ, or buffalo sauce breaded chicken, onion straws, cheddar cheese, lettuce

Steak $8.95

Grilled filet, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onion straws, ranch dressing

Chicken Caesar$7.95

Marinated grilled chicken, Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing

Chicken & Avocado Wrap $8.95

Marinated grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion & chipotle mayo

À la carte

Dressings include: House Vinaigrette | Cucumber Wasabi | Chipotle Ranch | Caesar | Blue Cheese | Ranch | Thousand Island

Side Greek Salad $3.95

Side Caesar Salad$3.50

Side House Salad $3.50

Side French Fries$2.95

Regular, waffle, or sweet potato

Side Garlic OR Cajun Fries$3.95

Bistro Buddies

Served with French fries & Applesauce

Grilled Cheese $4.95

Grilled Chicken$5.95

Chicken Tenders$5.95

Cheeseburger $5.95

Valley Bistro tries their very best to accommodate those with allergies, intolerances, and special diets. However, food is stored and served in common spaces. If you have a sever ed and served in common spaces. If you have a severe allergy or dietary restriction, please speak with a manager

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness