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Hors d’ oeuvres - Weddings, Baptisms & Other Formal Events


Shrimp Cocktailinis
Grilled shrimp with Pesto 
Mini crab cakes 
Shrimp Tempura Skewers 
Beef Wellington
Lamb Chops
Fresh Bruschetta and garlic crostinis 
Vegetable Tray with Assorted Dips 
Cheese Platter with gourmet crackers 
Crab Dip
Spinach Dip Phyllo Cups 
Fruit Display with Dip 
Bacon wrapped scallops 
Beef Wellington
Chorizo stuffed mushrooms 
Spanakopita or Tyropita Chees Triangles 
Chicken Satays
Cauliflower bites with romesco sauce