Valley Bistro is no longer offering catering at this time. As Valley Bistro has grown both during normal business hours and catering events, our ability to accommodate both is impossible. I along with my husband are the only ones who run the catering side of our business, and with small children at home, we have sacrificed a lot of time with them. This was the main reason for the hours that we have, and we also do not want to allow catering to effect our day to day business operation as it continues to grow.

We greatly appreciate all of you who have allowed us to cater an event with you. We have enjoyed being a part of such special moments in your lives, and we are thankful and honored that you chose Valley Bistro. To those of you who have booked with us through 2024, we will be honoring our commitment to cater your events.
I promise to continue to provide quality food with excellent service in our wonderful community!
With sincere appreciation,
Jacqueline, Owner